Thursday, 6 September 2012

NFL Top Five and Bottom Five

Welcome once again dear reader.  Today I wish to share with you the thoughts of myself and Mainzey with regards who are, as we prepare for the 2012 season to start, the top and bottom five teams.  It should be noted that these discussions took place ONE DAY BEFORE the season kicked off with the Dallas Cowboys thumping the New York Giants.  This disclaimer has to be made, in order to prevent one of us being embarrased (not me...)

MAINZEY - Hey Dutts, With Liverpool being so crap and to celebrate the great news that the NFL is on Sky and Redzone is back (best invention ever) I thought lets to a power rankings blog conversation. As no really cares about the middle numbers I was thinking top 5 and a bottom 5. It may mean our teams aren't mentioned but you never know you may have had a drink.

For me number 1 is easy. You lose the Superbowl and get better on offence and defence and you have Bellichek and Brady. No brainer,  Pats number 1. I think they may even win a Super Bowl without taping other teams this year (hasn't happened yet) 

Who is your number 1?

DUTTON - It's bad news when I have a disagreement with your opening line. Liverpool haven't been crap...they've been garbage.

I've not checked the Internet today, so I assume I've missed the Patriots signing a proper O line?

The best team in the NFL as we stand is the team with the best QB. It's a quarterback league, as we are frequently told, and that's why the Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay Packers are my number 1.

MAINZEY - Got a point on the O Line but not sure u can make that comment and then choose the Packers

That being said I will go Packers at 2. 15-1 last year and straight out of the playoffs would hurt. Surely their defence won't be as bad again actually I don't think it is possible.

DUTTON - True, the Packers O line isn't the best but ARod can make the plays with his feet.

To return the favour, I'll give you the Pats at 2. Brady is still Brady, they may now have a pass rush that eluded them in 2011, and the 0-2 since Spygate must annoy Palpatine...sorry, Bellichek.

MAINZEY - So for number 3 I am going to go back in time. 

It's 2006, I say at 3 I am going to pick the most clutch QB in the NFL, who is also the best Manning and also has the most Superbowl rings in the Manning household and you say that's easy you are picking the Colts. 

Well back to today and it's still easy. But I not picking Peyton and the Colts, I am picking Eli and the New York Giants.

DUTTON - Ha! Not even mentioned in my top five!

Sticking with my "quarterback league" theme, possibly the ultimate field general, especially as he is essentially the head coach too, I go with Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Add the "the world is against us" mentality, and you have a potent offensive force.

MAINZEY - We have seriously diverged now! I am not sure the Saints are the best team in their league and I like to think coaches are important and they don't have 1. 

At 4 the team that should have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl last year. The Houston Texans, solid all over the field and if they stay healthy very dangerous, also helps their division could be one of the worst ever assembled.

DUTTON - At last agreement!

The only real issue I have with the Texans is the damage they inflicted themselves upon the right side of their offensive line. Eric Winston is one of the best RTs in football, and they let him walk away...

The AFC South is the best example of why relegation should be introduced into the NFL.

MAINZEY - Yeah let's promote Alabama and USC and relegate Jacksonville!!!!

Number 5 is the 49ers great defence and added a few weapons on offence if Smith doesn't turn it over they will be very dangerous.

DUTTON - Agreed, this team is returning 11 starters on defence. So that's the same defence that dominated in 2011. Few more weapons, but I would be shocked if Smith is still the starter by the end of 2012. This team is being built for Kapernick.

OK, that's the cream of the crop sorted. How about the Crap of the Crop? For me, the worst team in football is Miami. The offseason has been one disaster after another, they have no talent on that roster. This, and maybe the next couple of years, will be painful for Dolphins fans.

MAINZEY - I hear what you are saying on the Dolphins but the worst team in football is the Browns. It's a close call but they also start a rookie QB (although he is about the same age as us) and I think they have less talent. Add to the fact they play Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the Bengals and they will have the worst record all said and done.

DUTTON - We can actually call Brandon Weedon "young man".
I take the Browns as 31st, as it were. Potentially they have some pieces on offence, with Weedon being protected by the best LT in football, Trent Richardson should be a stud (when fit) and second year wideout Greg Little should show improvement. The 2011 Browns D wasn't the worst, but they still will be picking early in the next draft.

MAINZEY - Interesting thing, think of the best left tackles in the game and then what teams they play for and you will notice something. It's the most overrated position in sports.

Dolphins at 31 for me they stink plain and simple.

DUTTON - Worst team in the best conference now, Minnesota. Banged up AP, aging defense (and that includes you Jared Allen), dump of a stadium. Nothing going for them.

MAINZEY - I think the Vikings are bad but to be 3 picks in and no AFC South team chosen did not seem right to me. I pick the Jags here. Their best player has been a holdout and their QB looked scared of people trying to hit him last year. 
The sooner this team is the LA Cougars the better (copyright on the name)

DUTTON - I think my good friend Adam is rather hoping the Rams will have the LA prefix. (name drop alert, Adam is Adam Rank, analyst and has on occasion conversed with me via Twitter.  A good egg.)
I give you Jacksonville now. Again not the worst defence, but they'll be playing from behind an awful lot this year and the scaredy cat hippy QB will need to man up against the inevitable pass rush.

MAINZEY - Did I tell you I got a retweet from Staines FC (in your face!!!)
Vikings for me now not sure on Ponder or the age and fitness of their star players. In that division could be a serious struggle.

DUTTON - I've just had a chat with YCCC allrounder Richard Pyrah...

I think there is a leap to the 5th worst, and that is the Colts. Their schedule means they could be 2-1, and while they will not get to the playoffs (far from it...) they will be better than most think.

MAINZEY - And I move from the Ipad to the laptop (don't you just love technology)

I think I am going to agree here Colts are still built to have a lead and I don't think they will have one enough

So there you have it, two idiots look at the best and worst of the NFL.  I daresay Mainzey and I will speak again on this subject, and I have confidence that our answers will change!